Great care starts with meaningful connections.

Help patients and providers stay connected with a simple, integrated engagement approach.

Keeping patients and providers connected in a meaningful way is critical to delivering better health outcomes and succeeding in a value-driven healthcare model. However, for many providers, maintaining that level of connection hasn’t been easy. While the introduction of health portals has enabled a great gateway for digital communication, patients’ health information is often spread among multiple providers and portals—which is complicated for both patients and providers, and has actually gotten in the way of patient care.

Now, that has changed. With Allscripts FollowMyHealth®, you can go beyond the portal with a simple, mobile-first platform that lets providers deliver the right reminders, updates, and information at exactly the right time throughout the entire care continuum—for both acute and ambulatory care—right to patients’ mobile device, tablet, or PC.

Read the eBook, Advanced Patient Engagement, for Increased ROI, and learn how an enterprise engagement approach can help you drive better experiences and tangible results, such as:

  • 8–10 minutes saved per patient with mobile check-in
  • 40% increase in medication adherence by patients
  • 20%–30% reduction in no-shows
  • 30% increase in collections
  • $1,400 cost savings per provider per month
eBookThe eBook includes the case study, ”Putting Patients at the Heart of Digital Transformation.” You’ll discover how Nicklaus Children’s Health System uses Allscripts FollowMyHealth to create seamless digital experiences for patients and their families.

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