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Healthcare delivery involves many moving parts and so does the revenue cycle. Maximizing the revenue cycle with efficient 
billing, claims and collections processes is essential to the financial health of your organization. 

Allscripts solutions help hospitals, health systems and physician practices maintain financial and 
operational health while focusing on the patient.

That’s what matters.

Success Story 
The financial successes and healthcare victories of Coastal Carolina Healthcare

“Once we started getting it down to the individual clinician level, we really saw the numbers improve…That creates ownership in the numbers.”
Stephen Nuckolls, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Carolina Healthcare

Coastal Carolina Healthcare and its Accountable Care Organization (ACO) draws insights from data to achieve better clinical results and reduce the cost of care.

Using Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR, Costal Carolina’s ACO was able to:
• Reduce Emergency Room (ER) admissions
• Reduce hospital admissions
• Rank among top ACO performers nationally
• Decrease per capita costs per patient

Read the full success story to discover how Allscripts can provide your organization with better clinical outcomes and help you drive smarter care for every patient, every day.
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