Let's drive your performance. Together.

Your providers are focused on delivering care and strengthening the wellness across your community, but that can be challenging with keeping up with regulatory requirements, improving the bottom line and driving efficiencies across operational and financial workflows. It’s more important than ever to have a trusted partner with deep expertise to help practices like yours improve performance. After all, your performance can’t rely on software alone.

Allscripts experts will help you deliver breakthroughs across all four corners of your practice—clinical, financial, patient engagement, and value-based care—so your bottom line goes up, your physicians can focus on patient outcomes, and your patients receive the care they need in a way that promotes greater satisfaction. From boosting clinical outcomes to maximizing financial opportunities, we’ll also enable your practice to drive meaningful patient engagement and succeed with value-based care initiatives.

Allscripts greatest value-add is our people. Our experts.

With Allscripts as your partner, you can meet and exceed expectations for your patients and your providers.

We collaborate with your organization to identify challenges. We ask questions and listen to the answers, so we can begin building the best environment that will help achieve your desired outcomes and goals.

Together, we’ll work to ensure your team’s skills stay fresh and that system knowledge isn’t located in just one super user. Simply put, we’re with you all of the way as you drive innovation that sets your practice apart.

With Allscripts expertise, your clinical, financial, and operational outcomes consistently and measurably improve, and your practice’s performance reaches a whole new level.

Let’s change what’s possible. Together.

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How can we help?

We believe that when you put all the right information in the right place, anything is possible. Together, we can help your organization drive better health outcomes, thrive financially, and create a great experience. Here are 3 key essentials that help make that happen:
Unlocking potential and possibilities

A decade ago, Allscripts was the first in the industry to embrace an open philosophy. And now our comprehensive platforms—built on open architecture—enable users to easily add, upgrade and swap components. One of the biggest benefits of being open is that it focuses on driving innovation.

Enabling greater reach

Our solutions and extensive networks help organizations engage with the broader healthcare community—connecting across systems, locations and care settings. Being connected means getting the best, most comprehensive patient information when and where clinicians need it most.

Delivering actionable information

Our Interoperability platform is vendor-agnostic, connecting multiple EHRs for access to normalized data throughout the community. Clinicians get a single, organized and fully integrated view of patients within their own native EHR and workflow—in real time. By being interoperable, it gives them immediate access to actionable information for better decision making and superior care coordination.
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