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The cost of care is rising and your organization (like so many others) can face many challenges such as dealing with interoperability issues, nonintuitive workflows and coding inaccuracies—which all contribute to the increase in cost. Allscripts is committed to helping your providers reduce costs throughout your organization. By delivering seamless solutions that help you capture revenue, reduce readmissions and improve documentation, Allscripts can help improve your total cost of ownership. Reducing costs throughout your organization helps you reduce the cost of care for your patients—giving them better access to a healthy future.

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Success Story 
A clinically integrated network is born

For well over a decade since implementing the dbMotion™ Solution, Clalit Health Services has connected health systems across Israel, helping clinicians drive positive outcomes to its 8.3 million citizens and lowering the cost of care.
dbMotion helped Clalit achieve significant savings across its organization by reducing unnecessary labs and imaging studies. It also achieved better patient outcomes that occur when a provider can view the pertinent portions of a patient’s records in a dashboard format, with the ability to drill down into information.

For a better look at Clalit Health System’s success using dbMotion, click here for the full case study.
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