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Allscripts understands the pressures the spread of COVID-19 is putting on healthcare organizations like yours. As news and guidance roll out from health agencies and governments around the globe, we remain your trusted partner to help you navigate these new challenges and keep your patients healthy and safe.

As your trusted health IT partner, we have established processes that will ensure support and services teams remain fully staffed to help address all of our clients’ needs during this time. Equipped to work remotely, with the full capabilities available in all our facilities, these teams have great staff flexibility around the globe. This enables us to pivot our resources as needed to adapt to the evolving crisis. As always, you can rely on us for help. You will continue to receive around-the-clock support via our Support Portal and our Global Service Center.

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Identifying and treating patients virtually

Allscripts virtual health solutions include Allscripts® Virtual Triage, FollowMyHealth® and Allscripts IT Services, each a useful tool in helping your organization identify, manage and treat patients without the need for face-to-face visits.

Allscripts Virtual Triage

Virtual Triage addresses immediate concerns surrounding the identification and fast treatment of high-risk patients. Learn more.


FollowMyHealth is a mobile-first, enterprise patient engagement solution to drive high-quality care delivery for the patients who need it most—from anywhere, at any time. Learn more

Allscripts IT Services

Allscripts IT Services will provide the extra support your staff needs to ensure operational efficiencies leads to better care delivery.

Embrace telehealth, it's here to stay

By Christine Stetler, RN

Telehealth, finally, has come of age. It took longer than I anticipated, but now telehealth's vital contribution to keeping people well can't be overstated.

The requirement for telehealth technologies in our healthcare system is obvious and urgent. It delivers three needed benefits for treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic… continue reading

Allscripts Virtual Triage to provide much-needed support for organizations

By Bryan Isacoff  

The urgency and rapid escalation of the current COVID-19 pandemic requires equally responsive IT solutions, and one of the many critical places to streamline process is in triagecontinue reading

Doing our part to control the COVID-19 pandemic

By Geoff Caplea, MD, MBA, FAAFP 

I am amazed at the extraordinary times in which we currently live – international travel restrictions, schools closures, suspended or cancelled sporting events, and entire countries on lockdown. I know that many are wondering “are these steps really necessary?”  While the short answer is “yes,” let’s consider… continue reading

Allscripts Actions and Support During the Covid-19 Global Event

By Paul Black

Covid-19 Telehealth Reimbursements

Congress passed H.R.6074 – Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act. This new law extends payment for telehealth visits furnished in emergency areas during emergency periods. This all relates to a declaration by Secretary of HHS that coronavirus meets this definition. This payment is funded through 9/30/2020. Below is additional information and resources to help you navigate what this means for your organization.

Preparing for Covid-19: Implementing FollowMyHealth Quickly and Easily

Learn how FollowMyHealth can help your organization engage and treat high-risk patients.