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Healthcare delivery involves many moving parts and so does the revenue cycle. Maximizing the revenue cycle with efficient 
billing, claims and collections processes is essential to the financial health of your organization. 

Allscripts solutions help hospitals, health systems and physician practices maintain financial and 
operational health while focusing on the patient.

That’s what matters.

Success Story 
Gaining control of financials with Allscripts® Revenue Cycle Management Services

Arbor Family Medicine (Westminster, Colorado) uses Allscripts® Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCMS) to take control of its financials. 
Upon implementing Allscripts RCMS, Arbor Family Medicine was able to: 
  • Increase revenue by $56,000 over three months, compared to previous year
  • Recover $16,000 in underpayments
  • Increase collection rate by 2.8%, compared to previous year

“When we started using Allscripts RCMS…we thought we were going to be losing a lot of control and that we weren’t going to be as involved in the day-to-day stuff. Turns out it is actually the opposite. We get great reports that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise that really help us with improving the practice.”
                      – Mikie Gonzales
                         Office Manager
                         Arbor Family Medicine
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