A single patient record to support your unique needs

Sunrise™ Community Care, an optimized deployment of the Sunrise single patient record, is an “as-a-service,” cloud-hosted deployment of our fully integrated EHR. The solution enables community hospitals to achieve positive clinical, financial and operational outcomes by harnessing industry-leading technology and an inclusive services partnership refined to meet the specific needs of community hospitals.

How sunrise can work for your community hospital

Cost-effective, industry-leading, safe and secure

“As-a-service” deployment ensures a predictable cost model without limiting features or future innovation, supported by the Microsoft Azure cloud for added safety and security.

Easily managed deployment

A defined deployment, based on best practices, that delivers what community hospitals need to thrive, quickly and continually.

Experience-based partnership

A full “as-a-service” offering that includes best-in-class managed services, enabling your organization to realign and focus on the business of healthcare delivery.

We're more than a software vendor.  We're your partners in healthcare.

Sunrise Community Care delivers a single patient record that spans the continuum of care. With industry-leading content, powerful analytics and clinician-approved workflows, this solution helps organizations drive clinical, financial and operational success. Combined with a future-looking partnership that includes services, support, maintenance and upgrades to support you with best practices and the newest innovations in real time.

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