We are here to partner with you against COVID-19

At Allscripts, we serve as your trusted healthcare IT partner, and we are focused on providing solutions and services to help you deliver quality care and combat the spread of the coronavirus in your community.

We established an internal COVID-19 task force that prioritizes “need-to-have” solutions and services that can immediately help when and where you need it most.

We’re committed to delivering up-to-date communications regarding COVID-19 response solutions as quickly as possible—through a variety of channels, including this website.

And when the time comes for us to partner with you on a recovery plan, we will be ready with solutions and services to support your success as you drive forward into the next chapter.
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Responding with solutions and services
to combat COVID-19

Allscripts is committed to delivering the right solutions and services at the right time
so our clients can respond to the challenges brought forth by COVID-19

Hospital Management can help

Workflows that help to speed up surveillance and trigger proactive alerts are imperative for quick and accurate patient identification and care delivery. Learn more.

IT and Support Services can help

Allscripts IT Support Services can support your organization to ensure efficiencies and enable you and your staff to focus on delivering care. Learn more.

Reporting can help

Automating the delivery of recommended regulatory information and providing access to patient data can drive a better understanding of patient status, operational performance, and help align resource allocation.  Learn More.

Sunrise COVID-19 Response

Identifying confirmed or suspected COVID-19 disease statuses and keeping staff informed are paramount to combatting its spread while protecting healthcare workers. Sunrise™ COVID-19 response package can help Sunrise users streamline their screening and surveillance efforts.

Documenting Telehealth visits is increasingly important as the need for remote healthcare delivery rises. The Sunrise™ COVID-19 Phone Note Add-In enables patient screening based on the CDC “Coronavirus Self-Checker” for seeking appropriate medical care.

Critical Care and ED teams are rapidly adjusting to address an overwhelmed care delivery system, they need to triage patients and allocate staff and resources. The Sunrise™ SOFA/qSOFA Flowsheet update offers our clients a tool for identifying and assessing severely ill or critical patients and support clinicians ability to follow patient progress throughout hospitalization.

Paragon COVID-19 Response

Identifying high-risk COVID-19 patients and alerting staff to implement appropriate workflows and care delivery measures are critical functions for driving improved responses and outcomes. Paragon® Rules Engine Novel Coronavirus Alert can help Paragon clients identify and proactively respond to patient status from the Emergency Department and the Clinical CareStation, promoting efficiency in care delivery.

Screening and treating patients quickly and accurately in the face of COVID-19 is imperative, and organizations need a documentation mechanism to capture patient status, as well as alert staff and clinicians to take proper precautions once identified. The Paragon® Surveillance and Screening package provides clients guidance for identifying and tracking patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

Care Management for COVID-19

Organizations need to identify COVID-19 candidates at various risk levels, document the care plan and deliver the information to the appropriate healthcare professional to accurately carry it out. Allscripts® Care Director helps organizations coordinate outpatient care across the continuum, supporting proactive identification of patients with various risk levels for COVID-19 and helping to mitigate its spread. Allscripts Care Director COVID-19-specific workflows enable organizations to identify and document appropriate care plans.

Learn more about identifying and managing high-risk patients during COVID-19 with Care Director.

Connecting Communities for Covid-19

It’s important to control and manage all COVID-19 data from disparate systems and from outside the current healthcare ecosystems. In doing so, clinicians can more readily identify confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients and receive notifications at the point of care. This helps clinicians understand the health of the overall population and slow the spread of the disease. dbMotion™ for COVID-19.

Transitions of Care for

Hospitals across the US send 18 million referrals annually through CarePort to skilled nursing, home health, hospice, long-term acute and acute rehabilitation, accounting for nearly 40% of all acute to post-acute transitions nationally. CarePort sees thousands of COVID-19 hospitalizations every day and tracks patients from their acute care and then through their post-acute course of care. Given that CarePort customers are on the front lines of the pandemic, we added new features across the CarePort platform to help hospitals and post-acute providers better communicate and navigate care transitions during these times. Learn more.

Data-driven solutions for

The value of Veradigm’s focus on providing data-driven health insights and solutions becomes even greater during challenging times like the COVID-19 outbreak. Veradigm solutions are an integral part of toolsets that medical professionals are using to care for their patients, whether in person or via virtual care channels. Veradigm will continue maintaining the highest levels of service, reliability and insight for patients and the healthcare providers who serve them. Learn more about what Veradigm, an Allscripts Company, is doing to continue to support the COVID-19 fight. Learn more.