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Top 9 Apps of 2018

As the healthcare industry changes, the need for smarter technologies increases. One area of technology that is rapidly expanding is the development of healthcare-related apps.

Tina Joros, JD, Vice President & General Manager, Open & Allscripts Practice Management Business Units compiled a list of the 9 best third-party apps featured in the Allscripts Developer Program Store. She examines not only how each can be used, but also how it brings value to the user, and, ultimately, the patient.

The apps listed in the eMagazine can be used for the following:

  • Enable patients to complete questionnaires before doctors’ visits
  • Help practices monitor and act on key indicators
  • Assist clinicians in effectively monitoring patients’ pain
  • And more

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Top 9 Apps of 2018

Beyond Usability

Health IT has come a long way over the last decade, but is it truly helping? In a time when clinician burnout is an increasing problem, it’s critical for the health IT industry to rethink how solutions are designed and put into practice—with the user in mind.

In this eMagazine, Ross Teague, Ph.D., Allscripts Director of User Experience, discusses how rethinking the approach health IT vendors take when designing EHRs can ultimately help drive better care delivery.

Topics in this issue include:

  • Rethinking EHR design
  • The Allscripts Helper Philosophy
  • The science behind usability
  • Design shortcuts that can stunt usability

Beyond Usability

Hello, Consumer

This issue provides insight into how the healthcare industry is communicating with patients as they take control of their care. Explore how industry leaders are thinking about topics including:

  • Automating patient engagement
  • Consumer/provider communication trends
  • What’s next for patient portals
  • How telehealth is changing the healthcare landscape
  • Online scheduling improving patient satisfaction
  • Other technologies to help bolster patient/provider communication

Hello, Consumer

Digital Transformation in the UK

Reaching digital maturity is critical for ensuring care is comprehensively delivered with the utmost efficiency. This issue takes a look at the following topics:

  • Approaches to achieving digital maturity
  • Lessons from a Rubik’s Cube in solving health IT challenges
  • How to best continue clinical engagement beyond deployment

You’ll also get to see how Allscripts has helped other organizations around the UK on their path toward digital maturity.

Digital Transformation

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