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On healthcare’s front lines, physicians, nurses and other clinicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to all patients. As the industry continues evolving, Allscripts partners with healthcare organizations across the globe to ensure our technology improves clinical workflows and helps prevent burnout.

Allscripts works with internal and external clinicians to understand their clinical needs to build intuitive, user-friendly solutions that expedite technology-related tasks. From optimizing routine activities to streamlining their documentation practices, Allscripts solutions help improve clinicians’ user experiences, so they can spend time delivering high-quality care and building meaningful relationships with every patient. 

That’s what matters.

Mankato Clinic puts the 'team' in team-based care

“Team-based care is a work in progress, but it has been a good journey. We are always trying to improve and make things more efficient.”
Andrew Lundquist, DPM, Chief Medical Officer, Mankato Clinic

Mankato Clinic uses Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR and Allscripts® Practice Management to streamline workflow between clinicians and nurses, providing a better clinician experience and healthier futures for the clinic’s patients.

With Allscripts as a trusted partner, Mankato has executed a team-based care strategy that enabled:

  • Clinicians to see an average of 2.3 patients more each day
  • More focused care teams
  • Better work-life balance for providers
  • More direct involvement of nurses in patient care 

Read the full success story to learn how Allscripts can coordinate care for clinicians and patients, helping create healthier futures, every day.

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"How Important is Usability?: Creating Platforms that Really Work for Clinicians"

User-centric healthcare solutions relieve clinician fatigue, provide access to key data and improve quality of care overall. Gareth Thomas (CIO, Salford Royal) and Ross Teague (Director of Development, Allscripts) discuss key user design principles in healthcare IT, and how these build truly smarter electronic health records that help, not tax, clinicians.